New Desktop G-Drive with capacity upto 22TB

There is a new G-Drive from Sandisk Professional that uses the 22TB Ultrastar hard drive (the highest capacity hard drive currently available). Sandisk Professional (which used to be called G-tech) is known among media professionals as a high-speed, high-capacity drive. Read more

New Sandisk Professional Part numbers ( and corresponding G-Tech old part numbers)

Now that WD has rebranded the G-Tech drives to Sandisk Professional, there are some new part numbers and some product changes. We list some of the most notable changes here WD no longer uses 10TB, 14TB drives. That means no mo...

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LaCie 6Big New Part numbers

LaCie 6Big Old STFKXX000400 models are being transitioned to STFKXX000402. The new models ending with 402 will have 3 years warranty instead of 5.

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What are ev Carriers in G-Speed Shuttle and Shuttle XL

Gspeed Shuttle and Shuttle XL now ship with ev carriers, and we are asked if it affects the total number of bays on the drives.

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LaCie Desktop Storage Product Line 2021

d2 Thunderbolt and 12big are obsolete, 1big docks are introduced. A list of all the LaCie Desktop 3.5" Storage drives as of Jan 2021

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LaCie 12Big is End of Production ; 6Big 96TB is the biggest capacity now

There is nothing replacing the 12 Bay LaCie 12Big, and its upto the smaller 6 bay 6Big to fill the capacity gap with a higher cap hard drive.

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Thunderbolt 3, USB C and USB 3.1

Thunderbolt3 - The world's most popular high-speed all in one interface, uses the same USB Type C connector that a USB 3.1 does. How do they differ, what device to use with what port, compatibility and cables, we tell you all you need to know.

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