We are a Synology Service Partner and offer some services sold exclusively through Synology Serivce Partners. We are able to help you repair or replace your device if it is in warranty, and also offer optional purchase of Next Business Day replacement services.

If you have a Synology Device that failed

Email us on sales@pnpdxb.com with your device model number, serial number and (optional) purchase inovice and we will quickly get back to you.

If you Need an NBD Service for your Synology

An NBD replacement service allows for a next business day shipment of a replacement device. contact us on sales@pnpdxb.com with your device model number and serial number and we will quickly get back to you with an estimated cost

Or click on the links below to learn more about each of the services we offer (it's a long read, but you do not have to go through it, just contact us and we'll help you out)

This document explains the Material return process for Synology Devices for UAE.

Service Categories

Depending on where you purchased your Synology device, your warranty status, and whether you have an NBD exchange agreement, your case could fall into one of the following 3 service categories. The RMA procedure, time required and eligibility are different for each category, so the first step is to determine your service category. Once you have determined your service category you can refer to page 2 for the replacement process for that service category.

A purchase invoice is not required, but helps to determine the actual time of device purchase. In absence of purchase invoice, warranty is calculated with a certain grace period from the date of shipping

The easiest way is to contact us on sales@pnpdxb.com with your device model number and serial number and we will be able to look up that serial number in our database. We will then advise you on the process for your device.

Service Category

Eligible Criteria


Time Required

Category 1
Covered By NBD Plan

Device has an existing NBD Plan

Free Replacement Device in Advance

Ships Next Business Day

Catetory 2
In Warranty, Local Purchase

Device is in Warranty and purchased through UAE Channel

Free Repair or replacement

2-3 weeks

Category 3
Ineligible for RMA

Product is out of warranty , or purchased through non-UAE Channel

Parts and Labor charged

2-3 weeks

Contact us on sales@pnpdxb.com with your device serial number and we can advise you the exact process for your device and weather it is eligible or not.

Download RMA Guide with all the details How to pack your Faulty Device

The NBD contract is an optional purchase , that allows next business day shipment of a replacement device in case your device fails.

  • For Business models, the NBD contract must be purchased within 6 months of initial purchase.
  • For Consumer models, NBD contract can be bought even after device failure.

Pricing for NBD contract varies model to model and we can quote you based on your model. Please contact us on sales@pnpdxb.com with your device model and serial number and we will quote you.

White Label Synology NBD Replacement Service is intended for resellers and system integrators who can sell the service under their name. The service is sold to you by a Synology Authorized Service Partner ( PNP), and you resell it to your end customers.

Synology's authorized service partner never comes into contact with your end customer, protecting your interests. It is a great way to increase your profit, differentiate yourself from other box vendors, and provide higher quality service to your customers

For mission-critical equipment, end customers are looking for a guaranteed NBD replacement. An NBD replacement plan is tied to a device's serial number, and in the event of a device failure, a replacement device will be shipped to you the next business day.


Download White Label Service Details

Synology Tech Refresh and Data Migration

We offer a tech refresh for older devices. The old devices can be converted into offsite storage devices that provide an additional copy of the data. We also handle the complete migration of the old device to a new device.

Synology Capacity Upgrade

If your Synology is out of capacity, we can help. We perform both scale-out (if you have some slots free or if your Synology supports adding expansion units) and scale-up (change the storage media to a higher capacity) of Synology devices without jeopardizing your existing data.

Synology Security Audit, Synology Ransomware Protection and Recommended Best Practices

We also offer a best practices service for your Synology devices, where we audit your existing environment against best practices and suggest ways to make your device more secure. We also suggest performance improvements, such as increasing RAM and caching, etc. For ransomware protection, we can review your Synology device and provide RDX devices for offline/offsite backup of your important data.

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