Technically your NAS offers multiple layers of protection - RAID For hard drive failure, snapshots for ransomware protection, remote replication for offsite protection, and redundant power /network for hardware failure.

These are all good measures, but physically a NAS is as strong ( or weak) as the build material is. A Sitewide disaster like fire or flood can cause a complete data loss for the regular NAS devices. it's a risk that has to be mitigated with either offsite backups or with fire/water protection for your NAS.

ioSafe NAS offers disaster-proof solutions with fire, water, and theft protection. Think of ioSafe as a Synology NAS with a disaster-proof casing.

Why iosafe Fireproof NAS ? Because Danger of Disaster is real

Your data is what runs your business, and this critical data must be protected and be available all the time to your employees. Any disaster like broken plumbing, flood, or fire can affect your data and your business. So your local backup has to be protected against Disasters.

And then there is the regulatory requirement like HIPAA data protection privacy and disaster recovery compliance.

The danger of a fire or flood is very real and your data must be protected against it.

Buy ioSafe fireproof NAS in UAE - Multiple Solutions from 2 bay to 5 bay Expandable NAS

ioSafe 218 NAS is the simplest 2 bay ioSafe device that's built around Synology DS-218. With 2 bays you can have a maximum of 36TB of storage on a single device

ioSafe 1019+ is built around Synology DS-1019+ and has 5 bays. It can be expanded to 10 bays with a DX517 fireproof expansion unit. Total capacity on a DS-1019+ can be 180TB RAW using 18TB Hard drives

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