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New Desktop G-Drive with capacity upto 22TB

There is a new G-Drive from Sandisk Professional that uses the 22TB Ultrastar hard drive (the highest capacity hard drive currently available). Sandisk Professional (which used to be called G-tech) is known among media professionals as a high-speed, high-capacity drive.

What is the new G-Drive ( 4TB to 22TB).

Well, there are too many G-Drives in the existing product lineup. Sandisk Professional refers to its 'single drives' as G-Drive. The multiple drives are referred to as G- RAID.

So there are portable G-drives (G-Drive ArmorATD, G-Drive SSD, G-Drive Pro SSD, G-Drive Armorlock SSD), and there are desktop G-drives that use enterprise-class 3.5" ultrastar drives (G-Drive and G-Drive Pro).

The new G-Drive is best compared to the existing desktop G-Drives. The current desktop G-Drives are available with capacities of up to 18 TB, but WD makes Ultrastar drives with capacities of up to 22 TB, so it was natural to expect either an upgrade to the existing series or the introduction of a new series.


The main specifications of the new G-Drive

- WD Ultrastar Enterprise hard drives inside with 7200 RPM
- USB-C port, USB-3 interface (not Thunerbolt 3).
- Features a stackable, anodized aluminum enclosure
- Desktop drive (3.5" Ultrastar drive inside).
- Part number starts with SDPHF1A . This is the only way to honestly distinguish one G-Drive from another.

A Thunderbolt3 drive  next?

We hope that there will soon be a G-Drive Pro with similar capacity, but with Thunderbolt3 interface. Currently the highest capacity Desktop G-Drive with Thunerbolt3 is 18TB.  There is no reason WD will not make their latest 22TB ultratar drive available for these enclosures .


JITHIN @ Tue, Apr 30, 24

Great Read !!!!

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