Celebrating Successful Engagements: Our Corporate Event Showcase

At PNP, we take engagement seriously. One of the ways we connect is by organizing both in-person and virtual events. These events include helpful trainings and informative seminars for our clients. Our events are known for starting on time and providing clear, easy-to-understand information that keeps everyone interested and involved. Here are a few things you can expect from our events:

  • Punctuality: We value your time and ensure our events start promptly and end in time.
  • Clear, meaningful and insightful content : Our presentations are designed to be straightforward and easy to follow. Unless we see there is value in content for you, we don't do it.
  • Engagement: We strive to make our events interactive and engaging for everyone. There is never a monologue
  • Organized with Convenience in mind : Always organized at easily accessible places ( mostly in Bur Dubai) at times which are convenient for attendees

    So join us for enlightening sessions that promise to deliver value


5th March 2024 : This event showcased the capabilities of QNAP's QuTS hero, the Boxsafe solution, and the integration of WD's Ultrastar drives with QNAP systems. Joined by over 50 attendees

PNP Synology Event for Media Professionals

6th Feb 2024 : This event brought together media experts and integrators
to explore Synology's innovative storage solutions tailored for media
companies. Attendees discovered vast petabyte storage capacities, rapid
data  access, and scalable options in an engaging and informative
session, highlighting the future of media data management.

PNP Bags CPCA Award 2023 in Data Storage

PNP achieved another remarkable milestone by clinching the top reseller award in the Storage category at the CPCA Channel Partner Conclave. The prestigious recognition highlights PNP's exceptional contributions and expertise in the storage solutions domain.
This accolade not only commends PNP's outstanding performance as a reseller but also reaffirms its position as a trusted and influential partner in the ever-evolving landscape of storage solutions.

Ransomware Awareness

PNP delves into the latest ransomware trends, shedding light on how leveraging Snapshots, Snapsync, WORM, and Air Gapped Backups can aid in effective recovery from such attacks.

Top Reseller - NAS Storage 2023

In the opening day of Gitex, PNP received the esteemed "TOP NAS Reseller-2023" accolade from GEC, further validating our expertise in both data storage and NAS solutions. We extend our sincere appreciation to our valued vendors including QNAP, Synology, WD, and Seagate, as well as our customers whose invaluable support made this achievement possible.

PNP Conducts the firstever QNAP Solution Architect training

PNP organized the firstever training event for QNAP, training the inaugral batch of engineers for QNAP Certified Solution Architect

The event featured a lab setup that provided participants with a hands-on experience and facilitated a real-world understanding of networking technologies. The training material was designed by QNAP and PNP together including network architecture, protocols, security, troubleshooting, and best practices.

Following the training, participants underwent a test to evaluate their understanding and application of the knowledge acquired during the sessions. The tests aimed to challenge their comprehension and readiness for the certification process. Successfully passing these tests, participants were awarded certifications, acknowledging their proficiency

PNP @ QNAP's QTS and Thunderbolt4 Workshop

The workshop, was organized by QNAP. The focal point of this event was the features of QTS 5.1.0,and the introduction of the new Thunderbolt 4 NAS. PNP had the honor of being invited to the stage to share compelling successful case studies in Middle East market .

We presented two remarkable case studies, both from UAE, showing implementation of QNAP's products and solutions. These case studies not only underlined the practicality of the solutions but also highlighted the growing confidence end users place in QNAP's brand for their data storage needs. The alignment between QNAP and PNP exemplifies our partnership with our partner Vendors and undescores our committment to providing the latest in Data storage solutions

PNP X Synology Data Protection Seminar

We organized this seminar at the Grand Excelsior Hotel in Bur Dubai, which is easy to get to. Working together with our long-standing partner, Synology, we highlighted their solutions for keeping data safe. The seminar started on time and got everyone really involved – they asked many interesting questions.

During the event, we even had a lucky draw where participants could win a Synology DS220j. The seminar was a wonderful opportunity for us to share helpful information, and everyone enjoyed learning together.

PNP @ The World CIO 200 2023 Tour

Participating in the World CIO 200 tour in association with QNAP, we proudly set up our booth for this significant event. This platform allowed us to engage in personalized discussions with Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from leading organizations across the Middle East.

Our primary focus was on presenting QNAP's advanced data protection solutions tailored to their unique needs. Throughout this single-day event, we leveraged the opportunity to establish valuable connections and meaningful networking interactions with the right individuals, making the most of our presence.

PNP Wins the Prestigious GEC Award

PNP proudly clinched the esteemed title of "Top Reseller in Storage" at the illustrious GEC Awards 2022. Recognized as the pinnacle of excellence in the Middle East and Africa's IT industry, the GEC Awards mark significant milestones in the GCC ICT sector. Amidst fierce competition, PNP's exceptional performance stood out, underscoring our commitment to innovation and trust within the industry. This recognition adds another feather to our cap as we continue to evolve and excel in the dynamic world of technology.

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