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The End of an Era for Tally 6300 Ribbons

The Tally 6300 printer, a legacy model from Tally Genicom, has been known for its reliability and robust design. Over the years, it used the 86039 ribbon, which was later replaced by the 260062-001 ribbon due to obsolescence. Now, with the 260062-001 ribbon also obsolete, users are left with limited options to keep their printers operational. The most viable solution is to upgrade to modern printers, offering better performance and support.
Tally Genicom/Printronix  is renowned for manufacturing highly reliable, mission-critical printers. A prime example is the Tally 6300 printer, a steadfast workhorse known for its robust design and reliable performance. Despite its age, the Tally 6300 continues to be operational in many places, but the consumables for this printer have now reached their end of life.

The Early Days: The 86039 Ribbon for Tally 6300

When the Tally 6300 printer was first introduced, it utilized the 86039 ribbon. However, the 86039 ribbon was eventually made obsolete. In response to demand from an existing insallbase , Printronix introduced a new ribbon, the 260062-001, to support the legacy Tally 6300 printers.

Transition to the 260062-001 Ribbon for 6300

With the obsolescence of the 86039 ribbon, Tally provided a new solution: the 260062-001 ribbon. This ribbon was specifically designed to meet the needs of the aging Tally 6300 printers, ensuring their continued functionality. Although it was more expensive than the 86039 ribbon—likely due to lower production volumes—it served as a reliable alternative for many users.

The Present Challenge: Obsolescence of the 260062-001 Ribbon

The 260062-001 ribbon has now also become obsolete, leaving Tally 6300 users with a significant challenge. With no direct replacement available, users are faced with limited options to keep their legacy printers operational.

The Path Forward: Upgrading the Printer or Finding Compatibles

Given the obsolescence of both the 86039 and 260062-001 ribbons, the most viable option for Tally 6300 users is to consider upgrading their printers. While this may be a bittersweet decision for those who have relied on the Tally 6300 for years, upgrading to a modern printer offers numerous benefits. These include improved performance, compatibility with current technologies, and access to readily available supplies and support. Alternatively, users may explore compatible ribbon options that can extend the life of their Tally 6300 printers for a little longer.

Keep in mid that 6300 series printers are 15-18 years in operation already and that's much longer than you would expect a printer asset to run for.


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