The End of an Era for Tally 6300 Ribbons

The Tally 6300 printer, a legacy model from Tally Genicom, has been known for its reliability and robust design. Over the years, it used the 86039 ribbon, which was later replaced by the 260062-001 ribbon due to obsolescence. Now, with the 260062-001 ribbon also obsolete, user...

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Printronix and Tally Genicom Regionlized Cartridges

what are the regionalized cartridges, their benefits and what to do if you/your client is stuck with a printer from another region.

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Printronix Line Matrix Cartridge ribbons to use Recycled Plastic

Printronix has decided to utilize 100% recycled plastic resin on the cartridge ribbon enclosures. This recycled resin maintains the same high standards of Printronix cartridge ribbon quality, reliabil

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Printronix and Tally Genicom Dual Branded Printers

In Less than 15 days, Printronix will start shipping the new Dual branded printers with PTX/TG Bundle Firmware. Here is all you need to know about the new Dual branded PrintersRemember though that not

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As a part of their new branding Strategy , Printronix are making some changes from April 2019.  There are 3 major changes  for all the  P8000 and 6800 Line Matrix printers Series (other than Open Prin

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New Packaging Size for Printronix P7000/P8000 & TallyGenicom 6600/6800 Series

Printronix has introduced a new packaging size for the Standard Life 17K pages cartridges,  a box with 4 ribbon Cartridge.  It applies to the Printronix P7000/P8000 Series and to the TallyGenicom 6600

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Printronix Announces S809 and S828 Printers

Printronix is an Industry leader in Line Matrix printers and is renowned for Manufacturing Industrial grade heavy duty rugged printers that are ideal for mission cricital printing. Last week they intr

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Printronix Regionalized Cartridges

Starting P7000 cartridge ribbons, Printeronix started to ship different ribbons to different regions, with chips that won't work with the cross regional printers. With this they have managed to cut gr

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Printronix P7000 Cartridge Ribbons

For a Long time, the Ultra Capacity 6 Pack Spool Ribbon for Printronix P7000 ( 179499-001) has been the only option for Printronix P7000 Owners.Now the consumable is available in a wide variety. Print

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Tally 6600 Printer Ribbons

Tally Genicom 6600 line matrix printers use cartridge ribbons with embedded chipsets that give 30% improvement in consumable cost per page according to the Vendor.We have started to stock the cartridg

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