Session Virtualization with NComputing vSpace Server

NComputing's patented and award winning vSpace Server combined with NComputing Zero Clients change the economics of desktop virtualization. vSpace Server supports up to 100 user sessions per instance, offering each user their own rich PC experience.

We at DataCare LLC, offer an end to end Desktop Virtualization Solution using NComputing vSpace and Zero Clients. Our Services include

  • Preliminary Study to determine the number of Desktops to be virtualized.
  • Testing Software compatibility with vSpace Server
  • Suggesting the Server required
  • Providing a comprehensive quote
  • Commissioning and maintenance

Achieve More with NComputing

  • Enable Mobility, BYOD and Remote Access with Cloud
  • Repurpose existing and legacy PCs as centrally-managed virtual desktop devices
  • Enjoy Affordable and Easier Windows upgrades by upgrading only the central Server

Benefits of Zero Computing with Ncomputing

Security and Manageability

  • Data Remains on a single Server
  • View and manage all the Zero Clients from a vSpace Console
  • Simplifies the effort required to provide each user with a personalized, centrally- managed and secure desktop computing environment
  • Reduces deployment time with the ability to configure and deploy thousands of virtual desktops in days rather than weeks

Cost Saving

  • Upfront cost saving On first Purchase
  • Saving in Power cost - 5 watt of power consumption on L series , compared to Desktop's 110-200
  • Saving with Supporting hardware - Needs only 1 backup drive, 1 UPS for Server
  • Future Proof Investment - Upgrade the server whenever you are migrating to a newer OS and use the same zero clients to deliver newer , modern desktops


  • Uses less power
  • Requires less cooling
  • Creates less waste
  • Doesn't Go Obsolete, Upgrade your server and keep the same devices

DataCare Advantage With Virtualization and Zero Client Setup

  • End to End Zero Client Solution - We provide everything - Server, Zero Clients, Consulting, Installation and Management
  • Ncomputing Certified System Architect
  • Extremely Competitive Pricing

Virtualization Can help you make 1:1 PC a Reality for your School and Students

Every School wants to provide one to one (1:1) computing to their Students, however the traditional option of Providing a PC to every user is not only cost intensive, but also needs constant monitoring, upgrade, repair and management.

The Only Sustainable , cost effective and manageable way for schools Instead is to deploy desktop virtualization, a future-proof platform that can support 1:1 computing in the classroom today and new computing initiatives in the future.

NComputing offers Session Virtualization which creates individual virtual desktop environments called sessions within a single server OS for each user to access. This allows IT to both manage computing resources centrally and to manage fewer instances of software. Session Virtualization creates notable increases in cost savings, ease of management and scalability. No solution does more to maximize these benefits for education than vSpace from NComputing

Top Benefits Offerd by Ncomputing in Education

  • Lowest Cost per Seat: Reduces the per-seat cost of a PC by more than 75%
  • Reduces Management and Maintenance by 75%
  • Power Consumption reduced by 90%
  • Integration: Integrates easily with your existing computing infrastructure
  • Protection for Students: Centrally manages Internet filtering software, ensuring a consistent and safe Internet experience.
  • Small Footprint: Frees up valuable work-space in classrooms and labs.
"More than 30,000 schools in 140 countries have already discovered the benefits of NComputing virtual desktop solutions in classrooms, computer labs, libraries, testing centers, media centers, administrative offices, teacher desks and for digital signage."

NComputing helps you meet the Top challenges of Education Industry

Integrating technology into the classroom can unleash massive amounts of potential for students and teachers alike. For Blended Learning the schools try to achieve a 1:1 of Dekstops to Students, but this dream is met by challenges and obstacle. NComputing seeks to solve the Educators problem, helping them make one to one computer a reality

Challange Solution
Educator has to Provide Computer access to a growing student population with Limited or Lowered Budget . NComputing's vSpace server with L300 offers a Reduction of per-seat cost of a PC by more than 75%
Educators have Finite IT resources with teachers as tech support NComputing Solutions are easy to implement and Maintain. Everything is maintained from a single console with no multiple PCs to be Upgraded individually
My School has limited Space, Electrical and Cooling NComputing L300 is mounted at the back of the monitor, saving space. It consumes only 5W of Electricity, generating almost no heat, saving you cost of electricity and Cooling.
upgrade, maintenance and repair of Old PCs is expensive With NComputing upgrades & migration to a Newer OS is as easy as upgrading the central Server. With no moving parts to fail and to Repair, combined with a 3 years warranty guarantees a trouble free self running IT installation.

A Quick Matrix to Highlight the Major Benefits

PC Replacement Alternatives New PC NComputing Session Virtualization
Operating System One Per PC One Per Serer
Application One Per PC One Set Per Host Server
Hardware Reliability Physical parts prone to Failure MTBF of More than 100,000 Hours
Software Upgrades Individual upgrade on each PC Upgrade only Server/Host
Acquisition Cost 3 Times cost of Thin Client 1/3rd the Cost of a PC
Maintenance Cost 3 Times cost of Thin Client 1/3rd the cost of a PC
Energy Cost 110-200 watts per PC 5 Watts Per Client
Data Security Each PC is a potential target Secure only your Server

Complete NComputing Solution for Schools and Educational Institutes

We offer Everything that's required to run an Ncomputing Solution - server, Zero clients and everything else in between. Contact us today to see how we can help your Educational institute realize the benefits of Zero Computing.

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