M&E Shared Storage

Solutions that Simplifies Collaborative Editing

Solution Overview

Infortrend offers comprehensive shared media storage solutions for today’s M&E industry dealing with 4K and above ultra-high definition media footages.

Complete Product Line

Whether you’re a large-scale media production company, small studio or SOHO, Infortrend can provide you a perfect shared media storage solution for your media workloads.

  • EonStor GS and GSe - for small workgroups and post-production studios within 10 workstations.
  • EonStor CS - scale-out shared storage system for large-scale workgroups and post-production studios with more than 10 workstations and a growing business.

Intuitive Management and Easy File Sharing

EonOne, Infortrend’s web-based management software, allows administrator to easily deploy and manage EonStor GS and EonStor CS cluster with user-friendly graphical interface and step-by-step setup wizard. EonView, the utility for Windows and macOS workstations, provides an easy media file sharing/editing solution for video editing team with automatic search of the available folder and starts to work immediately after launch.

Non-Linear Editing (NLE) Software Support

For collaborative post-production workflows, the industry leading media editing software are supported: Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. With pre-installed DaVinci Resolve project server, editors can easily perform collaborative media editing simultaneously.

Complete Product Line

For Small Workgroups – EonStor GS/GSe

EonStor GS and GSe are ideal NAS solutions for media collaborations on high-quality videos allowing easy deployment of multimedia playback and streaming applications. They are perfectly compatible with CIFS/SMB, NFS, and AFP network architectures, as well as with such network interfaces for M&E industry as 10/25/40 GbE. GSe is a single controller shared storage solution with high capacity nearline drives or all-flash configurations. For high availability requirements of mission-critical projects, Infortrend offers GS shared storage with dual-controller design and active-standby configuration eliminating system downtime.

Recommended Solution

M&E industry has lots of different types of services: starting with content acquisition from multiple live view cameras for TV news stations to create/ingest the live content into storage and then broadcast it, to media editing studios/companies like 3D modeling, movie editing/rendering and color grading, and finally archiving content for different project, news, and shows. For small/medium workgroups, these types of different content accessing/archiving behaviors bring up both high performance requirement for 4K/8K high-resolution content acquisition/editing and broadcasting, as well as high capacity archiving solution for PB-level content.

Based on studio/company scale, Infortrend GS/GSe family delivers three different solutions for online storage, namely 2000T, 3000 Gen2, and 4000 Gen2. 2000T is the most cost-effective solution supporting 13 streams of 4K videos. With the best price/performance ratio, 3000 Gen2 supports 18 streams of 4K videos; while 4000 Gen2 is the ultra high-performance solution that supports 26 streams.

Depending on the industry scale, a workgroup can choose a corresponding solution tier to address its workload requirements. In the following topology, GS 3000/4000 Gen2 online storage offers a solution for performance-hungry applications: content acquisition group, 4K/8K editing, 3D modeling from editors/design groups, rendering and color grading from effect and graphic workstations, even the broadcasting for TV station.

And finally, after editing/TV project is done, simply using scheduling remote replication to remotely backup from GS 3000/4000 Gen2 to EonStor GS 2000T model and 4U 60-bays JBOD. With the help of EonCloud, the scheduling of cloud backup is also available.

For Large-scale and Business-growing Workgroups – EonStor CS

As businesses grow, storage capacity and bandwidth might not be able to keep up with extending requirements. CS, however, allows users to add more nodes into the cluster to increase capacity and performance without interrupting the system operation. By providing up to 100+ GB/s read/write throughput and 100+ PB capacity within the single namespace, CS can easily meet the requirements of your massive media workloads. They are also perfectly compatible with such network architectures as CIFS/SMB, NFS, and AFP, as well as with the high bandwidth 10/25/40 GbE host interfaces for M&E industry for both Internal Network (to exchange data between storage nodes) and Front-End Network (to access media files from workstations).

Recommended Solution

In comparison to GS solution, EonStor CS is designed for larger scale M&E industry. For the performance-hungry applications with requirement of a large-scale workgroup online storage, Infortrend offers CS 4000, a high-performance model that provides faster data transfer, including 3U 16-bays/4U 24-bays and 4U 60-bays HDD models. It supports 40Gb/s RDMA node-to-node for such high-performance M&E applications as 4K/8K resolution editing/broadcasting/3D modeling and color grading. An all-flash model, CS 4025B, is also available for online storage to deliver the lightning-speed operations with optimal SSD performance, low latency, and extended SSD lifespan.

As for broadcast and content delivery applications, a cost-efficient solution CS 3000 (4U 24-bays model) is recommended. With the stable Read performance and AV-optimization service, CS 3000 provides to customer an excellent broadcasting experience without any frame drop issues.

After the project is done, a 4U 60-bays cost-efficient and high-density model EonStor CS 2060 can be connected to CS 4000 cluster. Simply use a folder migration function to move your media files from high-performance CS 4000 pool to high-capacity CS 2060 pool to archive inactive files.

Intuitive Management and Easy File Sharing

EonOne – An Intuitive Storage Management Software

EonOne is a storage management tool that complements well with EonStor GS, GSe, and CS. Infortrend offers two accounts for different management purposes. One account is for M&E User Administrator who is in charge of simple-to-use settings like users’ accounts and storage quota management. The other account is for System Administrator who can do advanced storage configurations, data services settings, and maintenance. EonOne also offers a setup wizard to help a user administrator easily set up storage and network. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage user access credentials and shared folders. And finally, it’s easy and fast to deploy the cluster for EonStor CS cluster via EonOne, with the step by step Deploy Guideline it only takes 5 minutes to finish the setup and 30 minutes for cluster ready state.

Flexible Management

Two types of administrator account for simple and advanced settings/ management purpose.

Easy to Use

Web-based user-friendly interface and step-by-step setup wizard lower management complexities

Quick and Easy Deployment (EonStor CS)

5min for cluster setup and 30min to complete initialization

EonView – A Smart Client Utility Software for Easy File Sharing

EonView is a client-based utility for Windows and macOS workstations. Once connected to the storage system, clients installed with EonView can automatically detect IP address of the storage, then they will identify user credentials, and assigned shared folders for each editor will be automatically mounted. This step simplifies the complexities of storage system deployment and network settings and, thus, allows users to focus more on video editing and creation.

Storage Finder and IP Configuration

Automatically scans and connect to the shared storage

Identical Shared Folder Mounting

Mounts all the available shared folders and ensures all workstations use identical mount points to access the video files

Event Notification

Sends notifications to workstations if any critical event occurs

Auto Execution & Fast Access

Automatically launches after the workstation reboots and mounts the frequently-used shared folder

User Profile Migration

Users can access the shared folders on different workstations with the login credentials

Non-Linear Editing (NLE) Software Support

For collaborative post-production workflow, the industry leading media editing software are supported: Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

Infortrend integrates DaVinci Resolve Project Server into the shared media storage and provides RAID protection, Project Server database backup/restore/upgrade and dual controller redundancy (GS) for high availability. Users can edit videos collaboratively when the workstations are connected to the storage, increasing project production efficiency.

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