You may be stuck with old LTO tapes when you migrated to a newer technology. To read these old LTO tapes, you would have to maintain the IT infrastructure also. You may have a few thousand of old LTO-3 tapes, costing you money to store ,and also forcing you to keep an LTO-5 library to read them. Storage of old tapes and Maintaining the infrastructure to support the reading of old tapes is expensive, time consuming and cumbersome. We offer data migration services from old lto tapes to new LTO tapes.

Consolidate Legacy tapes to new generation tape

We can consolidate multiple old generation tapes to a new generation tape and then virtualize the entire tape. There is no change required to your Back software since the LTO host volume is presented to your Backup software as a virtual tape library with each of the virtualized tapes appearing as separate tape volumes that can be mounted on virtual drives.

As an example. you can read 100 LTO1 volumes and write them onto a single LTO8 tape, then present that single LTO8 tape to your backup software as a virtual tape library. When your backup software reads one of the virtual tape volumes, it will be read from a section of the LTO8 tape, and the read will be at LTO8 speeds (a virtualized LTO1 volume can be read in less than 3 minutes).

  • Virtualize or duplicate tape volumes with one program.
  • Virtualize to disk, tape or the cloud.
  • Securely encrypt virtualized containers.
  • Scalable and cost-effective virtualization to LTO host volumes.
  • No changes to your existing system

All the backup software are supported

We read your tapes in raw format - which ever software you used would not matter. The tape is read and then virtualized so weather you use Arcserve, Veritas, Retrospect, EMC or anything else it doesn't matter. Your software will be able to see the virtualized tape the way it saw the physical tape

On premise Hardware to read the virtualized tapes and present it to your network as a virtualized library is included in our service.

No changes to your existing setup

You won't have to make any changes. Your tapes will be virtualized and presented to your software the way they were presented physically. Catalogue remains the same, software sees the tapes as same. Only there is a consolidated tape archive instead of an individual tape.

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