Facilis HUB Shared Storage for Video Editing

Facilis HUB Shared Storage for video editing is a system dedicated to improving post-production and content creation workflows. Included with every server is the Facilis Shared File System which easily accommodates multi-platform environments and enables collaboration among different applications and image formats. With our media storage systems, you can deliver 4K film color grading to low-bitrate craft editorial in a bigger environment. Facilis HUB provides the performance to get the job done.

Facilis HUB 8 & HUB 16
8 or 16 HDDs on 12Gb SAS Controller
Facilis 8 Capacities: 32TB; 48TB; 64TB; 96TB
Facilis 16 Capacities: 64TB; 96TB; 128TB; 192TB
Benchmark: 1GB/sec or 2GB/sec

HUB Hybrid 16
8 HDD & 8 SSD on 12Gb SAS Controllers
Capacities: 80TB; 96TB; 112TB; 128TB
Benchmark: 3GB/sec

HUB 32
16 HDD on Internal 12Gb SAS Controller
16 HDD on External 12Gb SAS Controller
Capacities: 128TB; 192TB; 256TB; 384TB
Benchmark: 3GB/sec
HUB 8S & HUB 16S
8 or 16 SSD on 12Gb SAS Controllers
Facilis 8S Capacities: 16TB; 32TB
HUB 16S Capacities: 32TB; 64TB
Benchmark: 3GB/sec or 4GB/sec
32 to 128 HDD on 12Gb SAS Controllers
Facilis HUB One on 32Gb FC
Capacities: 128TB to 1PB
Benchmark: 3.5GB/sec

XP16 & NL16
16 HDD on External 12Gb SAS Controller
16 HDD on External 6Gb RAID Controller
Capacities: 64TB; 96TB; 128TB; 192TB
Benchmark: 2GB/sec

Facilis products come with Integrated Software Solutions for managing your device, Asset Management and a cloud and LTO tiered backup ready solution.

Facilis Web Console- The Management Software

The Ultimate Shared Storage Management Tool The Facilis Web Console gives you total control over your shared storage environment. Create, change and permission project-based storage volumes, and deploy them to the desktops of the facility workstations with the push of a button. Monitor real-time bandwidth usage by workstation and volume and apply the optimal server and client connections dynamically. Log in securely to manage the workgroup from any browser, on any device that can access the server IP address. Set up user and group look-up with your active directory server for a single point of user account administration, or apply permissions based on desktop user account and/or secure user/password. This is just one of the many features that come with our video storage servers.

  • NEW! Per-volume RAID6 with up to 4-drive Failure
  • NEW! Bandwidth Priority for Critical Workflows
  • Browser-based Administration and Monitoring
  • Connectivity Failover
  • Remote “Push/Pull” volume mounting
  • Connectivity Settings per Volume
  • Direct-Attached Mount Appearance
  • Dynamic Volume Ownership
  • Accurate Bandwidth Monitoring
  • AD/LDAP integration
  • Remote Client Software Deployment
  • Unscripted Persistent Mount


Facilis FastTracker Asset Management

Simple Media Asset Management and Proxy Generation. with features and integrations that streamline the process of ingest, tagging, access, and archive.

Using FastTracker, you can develop a custom workflow without the complexity and cost of traditional MAM systems. Easy to learn and quick to use, you'll find this asset tracker to be a huge benefit in almost any workflow

Even small facilities can have hundreds of terabytes of files across multiple hard drives, network locations, and tier 1 shared storage. Managing the access and location of these files can be a challenge, wasting time that should be used for production. FastTracker is a media asset management system that is designed to be a fast way to index, catalog and find your video, audio, and still image files across Facilis volumes, network drives, and local storage.

New in FastTracker 3.5 are file movement and archive profiles, enabling the user to copy assets to archive locations, other online locations or move from ingest location to project volumes. Duplicate file tracking will find and reallocate the location of files that have been moved outside FastTracker, and show multiple file locations on the same record for locating alternate copies and file cleanup. Integration with Facilis Object Cloud and Object LTO is complete, showing the status and storage location of all archived files on Cloud and LTO, and enabling simple drag and drop restore from archive locations. Proxy on demand features are new, including proxy to cloud and proxy to LTO for keeping lower bitrate versions of the master footage, or making proxies available through the cloud to remote locations.

Indexing can be automatic on a global scale, by watch folder for specific catalogs, or manual with drag-and-drop of folders. Catalogs can be assigned permissions just like Facilis virtual volumes, and asset records can be assigned to one or more catalogs. Metadata tags are customizable, to add as much useful data to asset records as possible. An integrated media player for preview and a separate full resolution player is included, supporting desktop playback of hundreds of formats and codecs. There is no external workstation required for FastTracker, as the software, database, and encoded proxies are stored on the Facilis server.

  • Auto Index and catalog all incoming files on Facilis volumes without manual interaction.
  • Encode Proxies at preview, HD, and same-as-source resolutions, automatically at index time or on-demand.
  • Catalog and encode proxies for archived video through Facilis Object Cloud.
  • Restore files from LTO or Cloud locations through Facilis Object Cloud with drag and drop into work volume
  • Filter unwanted files with index filters based on file extension and size.
  • Manage access to indexed data through per-catalog user permissions and password protection.
  • Search assets based on imported/custom metadata, Boolean terms, index time, tag content, and more.
  • Access assets directly from FastTracker Desktop Browse or Adobe Panel, and drag/drop directly to the current application.

Facilis Object Cloud & Object LTO

The way to ensure data redundancy with our video storage servers is to include a backup storage solution, incorporating backup and archive within an already functioning workflow. Facilis Technology has integrated field-proven object storage software to create a turnkey Cloud and LTO tiered storage system. Offline files are represented in the same volume and tracked by the same interface as active project files. With Object Cloud software, a Facilis Virtual Volume doubles as the cache volume for Cloud and LTO locations, making movement to archive and restoration of archived or backup files simple and fast.

Object Cloud
As an add-on to many existing Facilis servers or any newly purchased Facilis HUB Shared Storage System, Object Cloud software utilizes a native Facilis virtual volume as the disk cache for a 10TB to 100TB cloud account. One yearly fee is applied and there are no additional fee regardless of how many times you access the files. Add the cloud account renewal to your Facilis Total Care support contract, and always be supported and protected.

Object LTO
When purchasing a 8/24/48-tape library from Facilis, Object LTO lets you use a native Facilis volume as the cache for your LTO tape storage library. Copy files to disk and after they’re successfully written to tape and indexed by FastTracker, the files are removed but still viewable in the folder. Use FastTracker to search video and audio files on LTO and if needed, restore them from the LTO for use in your project. Combine LTO with the 50TB or 100TB Cloud package and be protected locally and globally!

Simple LTO Library and Archiware P5
For customers that don’t require the functionality of Object Cloud and would rather have a separate database for archived media, we offer more affordable LTO library support on Facilis servers through Archiware P5.

Simple Nearline Drive Arrays
Facilis has up to 192TB nearline drive arrays attached through 6Gb SAS to Facilis servers. These can be used for offload or backup and can be shared out through the Facilis Shared File System to the desktops of your client workstations.


Video Editing Storage Solutions

Facilis Technology develops 4K media editing servers for many markets including traditional Post Production, Broadcast News, Sports, Corporate Video, Advertising, Animation/VFX, Education, Government Video, Houses of Worship, and Video Surveillance. Facilis provides cost-effective, high performance video storage solutions with integrated Asset Tracking and Archive/Backup tools. In addition, Facilis continually qualifies compatibility with best-of-breed technology from industry-leading partners in Media Asset Management, Archive, Ingest, Editorial/Graphics, Ingest/Playback and Broadcast Automation.

Video & Audio Post Production
Enable a collaborative approach to media production, whether it's Adobe, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, Resolve, or other. Deliver 4K film color grading to low-bitrate craft editorial, all from a centralized SAN in your facility. App project sharing features are fully supported, including Avid bin locking.
Animation and VFX
Increase your network's performance so you can up your productivity, whether that's animation, VFX compositing, 3D, motion graphics, or other VFX/GFX workflows. Adobe, Autodesk, Maxon, and more are fully supported, from real-time creative workflows to exports and renders all on a centralized storage.
Broadcast News
Improve broadcast and playout workflows with high-performance, centralized SAN storage. All workstations have direct access to media stored on a Facilis server, allowing for rapid retrieval and playout. For field production, Facilis also offers smaller, modular servers that can easily connect to a larger capacity server back at the studio.
Quickly ingest, edit, broadcast, and deliver highlights, live events, and more through a shared SAN storage environment with our video storage solutions. Whether it's in the field or back at the studio, a centralized Facilis server allows all of your editors, assistants, and workstations to rapidly retrieve and work from shared media.
Corporate Video
Corporate environments often have in-house media production departments, and Facilis fits perfectly into that workflow. Ingest footage directly to the centralized SAN server, and immediately edit at high speeds across production workstations. Whether you’re a public access channel or large news organization, Facilis has storage solutions that meet your needs.
Support 4K workflows and beyond. Improve ingest, editorial, and delivery workflows with a centralized SAN server, allowing data to remain in one place throughout each stage of your creative workflow. From ingest to delivery, Facilis offers a turnkey solution for advertising, marketing, creative media workflows, and more.
Houses of Worship
Religious institutions often need to quickly turnaround content in a variety of mediums - local broadcast, online, streaming, and others. Add a high performance, centralized SAN to your workflow today, so you never need to worry again about where your media is stored.
Provide a collaborative environment, where students can access their projects and media from any desk or workstation on campus. Facilis is a storage area network (SAN) that allows for simultaneous, high-speed access from simultaneous users, which lends itself perfectly to educational environments.
Government Video
Municipalities, law enforcement, military, local, state, and federal agencies may be legally required to record and archive local meetings, events, and other government proceedings. By adding a Facilis turnkey SAN video storage solution to your network, you enable ease of access on multiple workstations for ingest, playout, editorial, export, and backup/archive.
Video Surveillance
Surveillance needs high capacity, and easy access to record hours of footage, 24/7. Facilis offers a high performance, high capacity, centralized SAN server that easily integrates with backup/archive solutions. Whether that's on-premise nearline/LTO or frequently uploads to cloud storage, Facilis' turnkey video storage solution makes any of these workflows quick and easy to setup.


Works with the softwares you work with

Facilis continually qualifies compatibility with best-of-breed technology from industry-leading partners in Media Asset Management, Archive, Ingest, Editorial/Graphics, Ingest/Playback and Broadcast Automation. These are the partners that you work with, and we ensure that our storage works with to get you the best

Adobe Premiere Network Storage
Facilis Technology is a long-time partner with Adobe as an Adobe Anywhere and Pro-Video Development Partner. Facilis' video editing storage supports Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Shared and Team Projects and Adobe Anywhere for video. Facilis has developed customized tools that enhance Adobe collaborative workflows including Facilis Project Manager and has developed optimizations in the Facilis Shared File System for Adobe applications. Adobe CC Team Projects is a modern platform the empowers virtual teams using Adobe professional video tools to collaborate more efficiently on video productions. As a result, Adobe Team Projects users connected to Facilis Shared Storage are able to seamlessly share project files from Creative Cloud, while linking to media files centralized in-facility.
Avid Storage for Video
Facilis Technology' video editing storage has been supporting Avid collaborative workflows since 2004, and Avid native bin and project sharing since 2009. The Facilis Shared File System includes an Advanced Emulation Mode with a no-compromises approach to cross-platform Avid workgroups. Facilis Technology personnel has decades of Avid experience to better support Avid facilities. Facilis HUB's Avid storage for video is the perfect choice to future-proof your facility. Easily deliver projects across multiple applications and operating systems, at speeds unattainable from Avid proprietary storage systems. Remove locally attached storage and work completely in the shared environment. With ongoing support for Fibre Channel infrastructure, Facilis is the only choice for replacement of aging Unity MediaNet systems and a cost-effective and powerful alternative to current Avid Storage products (ISIS/Nexis).
Final Cut Pro / FCPX Shared Storage
Facilis HUB shared storage for video editing include support for your Final Cut Pro and Final Cut X workflows by enabling real-time editing directly on the SAN server and eliminating the need for local drives and stand-alone RAID systems. In addition, our FastTracker Asset Management system allows for editors and content creators to focus on the creative aspect of the job and not on locating their media files on the server. Facilis turns Final Cut Pro X into a fully collaborative application through the Facilis Project Manager. FCPX libraries can now be shared in real time while keeping events secure from overwrite. Facilis delivers this feature natively on every Shared File System volume connected through Fibre Channel and Ethernet. No other network system allows for this level of control in a shared storage environment, and these features improve workflow for any multi-user video editing team.
Asset Management Workflows: CatDV
Square Box Systems has been a partner with Facilis Technology for several years, and hundreds of facilities enjoy the compatibility and integration between Facilis shared storage for video editing and CatDV products. Now with FastTracker 3.0, any record indexed can be immediately reported to CatDV for analysis and inclusion in catalogs. Deploying Asset Management can be a very complex undertaking, so it helps when the shared storage just works out of the box. The less time our customers spend managing the system, the more time they can spend customizing their ideal asset management workflow.
Media Workflow Management: Telestream
Telestream is a very popular brand for automated ingest, encoding and distribution systems. In these workflows, shared storage is not only recommended, but it's required. Facilis' video editing storage and Telestream have hundreds of cooperative installs, and starting with Facilis version 6.5 and Vantage version 7, there is now fully documented qualification of the supported workflows. Telestream media workflow management systems work with watch folders and open file formats, which is compatible with growing file support in Facilis version 6.5. Facilis and Telestream have combined to fulfill many advanced workflows in Post Production, Broadcast and Live Event.
Color Correction & 4K Post Production Workflows: DaVinci Resolve
Blackmagic Resolve has been a favorite application for Facilis video editing storage customers because of the bandwidth-hungry formats that are supported by Resolve in the color correction workflow. Resolve was the first OSX application that Facilis successfully qualified with 4K DPX uncompressed playback, and some high-performance workflows in Resolve still cannot be delivered with any shared storage except Facilis. With FastTracker, DPX and EXR file sequences are combined into a single record, and proxies in h.264 format can be created. This enables the operator to preview the footage prior to importing. Facilis tests and qualifies the latest version of Resolve with every shared storage server release as well as an online demonstration of this workflow is available.
Archive and Backup Workflows: XenData & Facilis Object Cloud
As the basis for Facilis Object Cloud, Xen Data is developed to be integrated with Facilis' video editing storage. Xen Data has LTO and Cloud Cache workflow software, and Facilis sells and supports both options for our customers. When deploying Xen Data software directly on Facilis servers, our customers avoid the need for a turn-key archive system. Using a native Facilis volume as the cache for LTO and Cloud backup and archive, our customers can enjoy the advanced functionality of Object Storage on the desktop. Xen Data sells certain software packages exclusively with Facilis, so this combination isn't available anywhere else. This provides a pure differentiating factor when choosing a shared storage partner for your facility.
Server Data Backup & Synchronization Software: Archiware P5 LTO
Facilis' video editing storage offers archive and backup solutions that are directly attached to the SAN server. These products include nearline disk arrays and archive LTO devices. When using LTO libraries, Archiware P5 software enables data movement, scheduling, library control and indexing. Archiware's server data backup software runs on the Facilis server itself without the need for additional archive workstation. P5 delivers professional archive and backup workflows that are automated and robust, to handle the terabytes of data that comes through a large post facility on a weekly basis. Facilis sells and configures Archiware software with our LTO8 tape-based products.
Live Production & Video Streaming Storage: NewTek
Newtek Tricaster is an industry-leading, multi-camera production system. Facilis' video editing storage has been qualified for use with Tricaster since 2014 and supports up to 32 tracks of concurrent video ingest on a single SAN server. Through the use of the Facilis Shared File System, traffic is optimized over Ethernet connections to better serve the demanding workflows of live event ingest and playout. Facilis 8 or Facilis HUB 16 is a perfect companion for the Tricaster, with ease of use and simple setup even on location. With Facilis' video streaming storage, volumes can be pushed to the Tricaster system after the Tricaster software interface launches. This avoids the need to enter admin mode and access the Windows desktop to map network drives. Tricaster is often combined with various other content creation workstations in a modern facility, so Facilis is the one shared storage solution that can support them all with ease.

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