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Thunderbolt3 interface on LTO drives for Media Professionals


Conventional tape solutions have either SAS or FC connectivity and that keeps the Media companies from using them. Thunderbolt3 is The interface that the media companies are most familiar with, and the devices are Thunderbolt3 enabled. An Atto + Quantum Solution enables a thunderbolt3 connected Tape drive

The Problem :

Long-term Archival of content at a low cost is possible with LTO tapes. However, the native SAS connectivity of Tape drives keep media companies from using them

The Solution:

A Quantum LTO-8 Native SAS drive with ATTO Thunderbolt™ Technology-enabled Thunderlink Adapter

Details :

ATTO's Thunderbolt Technology-enabled ThunderLink®™ Adapters bring high throughput (40 Gb/s) and versatility to creative professionals who need access to external storage and networks for I/O demanding applications, including 8K/4K Ultra High-definition video workflows. They also provide access to LTO tape storage devices for data migration between field and studio. With ThunderLink® adapters, a single Thunderbolt cable can provide connectivity to 40Gb Ethernet, 32Gb Fibre Channel, 12Gb SAS, USB and DisplayPort, as well as extend connections to other Thunderbolt Technology-enabled devices. ATTO's Advanced Data Streaming Technology (ADS™) provides for controlled latency and acceleration of data designed to deliver multiple streams of video concurrently without dropping frames.

LTO tape storage is the ideal solution for long-term data retention and archiving, with its high storage capacity, blazing-fast transfer rates, easy-to-use functionality, steadfast reliability and cost-effectiveness. Quantum's LTO-8 tape drive offers a compressed capacity of up to 30 TB per cartridge, high durability, support for WORM (Write Once Read Many), LTFS (in standalone drives only), and backward compatibility with LTO-7 tape media.

Together Quantum LTO-8 tape drive and ATTO Thunderlink provide a cost effective, robust and high capacity solution for media and entertainment industry.

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