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IBM Introduces 50TB Native tape in 3592 Format

IBM unveils 3592 Gen 7 Type F tape, featuring 50TB native capacity, the format's largest. Following Gen1 and Gen2 discontinuation, the tape is exclusive to TS1170 drive, departing from previous cross-gen compatibility. Unlike LTO, IBM highlights guaranteed storage. Tapes, resilient against ransomware, utilize air-gapped security and Fuji's Barrium ferrite technology for ongoing innovation.
IBM Introduces 50TB Native tape in 3592 Format
IBM has introduced the latest 3592 Gen 7 Type F tape, featuring a remarkable 50TB native capacity, the largest within the 3592 Format. This announcement comes just three months after discontinuing the Gen1 (standard) and Gen2 (Extended) tapes. Here's what you need to know about IBM 3592 JF tape
  • 50TB Native (Equivalent to 125TB Compressed):
    IBM consistently highlights the native capacity of their 3592 tapes, which is the guaranteed capacity regardless of data compressibility. In contrast, LTO capacities are often mentioned as compressed, assuming a compression ratio of 2.5. In this case, the 50TB capacity is native. With a compression ratio of 2.5, the compressed capacity becomes 125TB. For comparison, LTO-9 offers 18TB native capacity, while the roadmap for LTO-10 predicts 36TB native.

  • Exclusive Compatibility with TS1170 Drive:
    IBM's new Gen7 tape is exclusively compatible with the TS1170 drive. Similarly, the TS1170 drive can only utilize Gen7 tapes. Unlike previous scenarios, where multiple previous-gen tapes were compatible with a drive, Gen7's unique features may account for this change, notably its leap from Gen6's 20TB to Gen7s 50TB native capacity.

  • Absence of WORM or Economy Variant:
    Typically, IBM offers both WORM (Write Once Read Many) and Economy variants ( lower-capacity / same format) . For instance, in Gen6 Type E, there are three variants in the 60F format: JE (20 TB RW), JV (20 TB WORM), JM (5 TB RW). However, Gen7, utilizing the 70F format, currently has only one variant: JF 02XY665 tape with 50TB RW capacity.

Tapes remain robust, particularly in the face of ransomware, providing air-gapped protection. Both LTO and 3592 employ Fuji's Barrium ferrite technology, ensuring continued vendor support and innovation for new formats. IBM's recent JF tape exemplifies this continuous expansion


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