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On Premise Fireproof and Waterproof safe as an alternative to media rotation

An onsite safe offers many benefits and it may be worth considering instead of opting for an offsite media rotation plan.

Your tape backup is only as secure as your tape physically is. In case of any disaster, you will rely on your tape for quick data recovery and the tape itself mustn't be affected by the disaster. 

The most damaging disasters are Fire and water damage, both of which can damage your tape beyond repair and hamper your recovery efforts. Tape media rotation is a strategy that is used by many companies to store their tapes offsite to a third-party Fireproof and waterproof facility. Tapes are daily or weekly shipped to an offsite facility with an SLA in place that spells the time required to retrieve the tapes when requested.

But what if you don't want to part with your backup tapes and need to ensure that you have physical custody and access to your tapes all the time, and also ensure that they are disaster protected.  That's possible with an onsite waterproof/fireproof safe. 

Advantages of an Onsite Waterproof and Fireproof safe

Apart from having the highest Control of your media, there are a few other advantages of going with on-premise safe media storage

You buy a Media safe only once and there are no recurring costs afterward. There are no obligatory contracts either. All you need is space to keep your safe. Return on investment can be as low as 2 years and then you own the safe for life.

Safety-wise since the media never leaves your premises, you have your data safely within your custody, all the time. if you are not encrypting, this is a huge advantage.

Since the tapes are with you, you don't have to rely on your service provider to abide by their SLA in case of a disaster, turnaround time is quick with onsite safes.

Unless you anticipate a sitewide risk other than fire and water, on-premise Media storage offers a great alternative to media rotation. We offer fireproof safes, built for the media storage from 14 tape capacity to 900 tape capacity. Ask us for more information

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