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CFexpress Cards for your Nikon Cameras including Z6II, Z7II, Z8 and Z9

High Performance CFexpress Cards for Nikon Cameras including Z8, Z9, Z6ii, Z7ii in Dubai
In the realm of photography and cinematography, the reliability of storage solutions is of paramount importance to ensure the capture and preservation of high-quality content. Given that all your content is stored on your CFexpress card, its reliability plays a crucial role. Furthermore, the performance of a CFexpress card is equally vital to meet the high-speed data transfer demands of burst photography and 8K video recording.

Nikon Camera Compatible CFexpress cards from Exascend

Here's a comprehensive list of major Nikon cameras along with the compatible Exascend cards.

What makes Exascend CFexpress cards idea for Nikon cameras

Performance of CFexpress cards for your Nikon

Exascend's CFexpress Type B memory cards are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance. On the flagship Nitro, suistained write speeds can go upto 1,700 MB/s, these cards are tailor-made for Nikon cameras that demand high-speed data transfer during burst photography and 8K video recording. This exceptional speed ensures that you can capture every moment with precision, without any buffering or slowdowns.

Range of 3 CFexpress cards for your Nikon : Nitro, Essential and Element

With three distinct series—Nitro, Essential, and Element—Exascend offers solutions that transcend the one-size-fits-all approach.

The flagship Nitro series holds an IP67 certification, safeguarding against elements like water and fine particles. It also holds CFA certification for Video Performance Guarantee Profile 4 (VPG400), guaranteeing a minimum write speed of 400 MB/s. Backed by a 5-year warranty, Nitro delivers uncompromising performance. Essential and Element series offer comparable sustained read/write performance.

Exclusive Technologies on CFexpress cards

Exascend's CFexpress cards boast a suite of exclusive technologies, including Advanced Thermal Control, Unlimited Overprovisioning, a data recovery software, protective coatings on select card models, and RAID ECC. These technologies collectively contribute to the cards' exceptional reliability and top-tier performance.



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