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Synology Launches BeeDrive 1TB and 2TB in UAE

Synology is well known for their Network attached stroage and Routers and now with BeeDrive they have their own personal backup hub drive too.

Hardware wise , BeeDrive is comparable to an external SSD with a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C interface, however the BeeDrive offers many functions that simple External SSDs dont. Synology BeeDrive is launched in UAE and Here are some of the features of BeeDrive which make it unique .

  • All platforms : BeeDrive Works with Computer, Phone and tablet , protecting files and photos for you. it can Backs up photos from up to 5 iOS/Android devices over Wi-Fi.
  • BeeDrop files from phone to PC : Send files from your phone to BeeDrive wirelessly - it’s like AirDrop but works between Windows PC & iOS/Android devices
  • Backup and Sync : Supports real-time backup of important folders on PC & two-way/one-way file syncing ( as soon as BeeDrive is plugged in it starts synicing) , so that you always have the latest data on BeeDrive
  • Automated : simply perform set up a single time and afterwards, every time you plug in BeeDrive it will automatically start the backup process
  • Versioning : Retain up to 5 versions of each file. Roll back to a previous version if an accident happens

Currently Synology is launching this in 1TB and 2TB versions only, though we think it wont be long when 4TB is launched and becomes best seller. We have placed our orders for Synology BeeDrive and it will be available in UAE very soon.


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