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Synology DS923+ is launched, but this one feature of DS920+ will be missing

The Synology DS920+ is one of the most successful NAS in the history of NAS.The DS920+ is the successor series to the DS415+, DS916+, and DS918+ and this series has never disappointed.

The latest model in this series is being introduced today: DS923+. As expected, Synology has used an AMD processor here- AMD Ryzen R1600, which makes the DS920+ the last in this series to feature Intel Celeron Processor with integrated graphics. This makes DS920+ more desirable than DS923+ to certain users.

Why would you still want the DS920+?

The DS920+ was powered by an Intel Celeron J4125 with an integrated graphics unit - Intel UHD Graphics 600, thanks to which DS920+ could perform hardware transcoding on Plex - which happens to be one of the most used applications on Synology (and other NAS devices). Hardware transcoding is a feature that the DS923+ will lack

Here is a look at the Plex compatibility guide, which shows just how capable the DS920+ is

Should you upgrade to DS923+

Aside from the lack of Plex hardware transcoding capability, the DS923+ is better than the DS920+ in every way. RAM can be upgraded to 32GB, 10G upgradabilty with Mini Card and M.2 Volume creation is all new in DS923+

If you want the latest in the series and can do without integrated graphics, you should go for the DS923+. However, if you are getting a bargain on the DS920+ and need the integrated graphics, you should go for it.


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