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Synology DS423 and DS423+ To release soon

Following the launch of the Synology DS923+,the DS423 and DS423+ are expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023. Here are the specifications as far as we know them

Synology DS423 vs. Synology DS420j / Synology DS418

The Synology DS423 will replace the DS420j and DS418. The main differences are
  • The processor will be changed to Realtek RTD1619B. This is a newer processor compared to the Realtek RTD1296 used in the DS420j and DS418 and offers better performance in almost all areas
  • Memory is 2GB and not upgrade-able. Same as DS418, but twice the size of DS420j
  • 2 x 1GbE RJ-45 ports same as DS418, but twice as many as DS420j. No 2.5G ports yet
  • Since this is consumer grade, it has an open drive policy. You will be able to use hard drives of brands other than Synology also.

Synology DS423+ vs Synology DS420+

The Synology DS423+ will replace the DS420+ and here are the main differences in hardware

  • CPU upgrades from Celeron J4025 (2-core) to Celeron J4125 (4-core)
  • RAM upgrades from NON-ECC to ECC RAM. The amount remains the same ( 2GB standard , 6GB MAX)
  • 2 x M.2 2280 NVMe slots as on the DS420+, but they support M.2 volume creation in addition to caching. You must use a Synology SSD for this to work
  • 1GB networks, but support for the E10G22-T1 mini network upgrade card for 10G connectivity
  • Open drive policy - so you can use hard drives of brands other than Synology also.


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