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Coming soon: Synology DS923+, Synology DS223 and Synology DS723+

The 3 best-selling Synology models, namely DS920+, DS218 Play, and DS720+, have been around for a while and we expect the series to be refreshed in 2023 in any case.

Rumors about the 3 new models are circulating on the Internet.

It is rumored that the Synology DS920+ will be replaced by the DS923+, while the DS218Play could be replaced by the DS223 and the DS720+ by the DS723+.

So far there are no hardware specifications, but here is what we think might happen

Prediction 1: AMD processor in the DS923+ instead of the Intel processor in the DS920+.

Synology seems to be switching from Intel to AMD Ryzen, we saw that with the DS1621+, DS1821+ and DS1522+. The AMD Ryzen would be faster than the Intel Celeron, but there would be no integrated graphics with AMD, so performance could be lower for certain tasks like 4K video transcoding. For all other tasks, AMD would be faster than celeron.

Prediction 2: 2.5Gbe ports on DS923+.

10Gbe SFP+ ports are out of the question on these devices. Synology could move from 1Gbe to 2.5Gbe, as QNAP and Asustor have done with many devices.

Prediction 3: More memory on the DS923+ (DDR4)

They may increase the size of RAM on the DS923+. It would mostly remain DDR4 and not likely to be DDR5

Prediction 4 : Upgradeability of the DS923+ with PCI or mini

The Synolgy DS923+ could have a PCI slot (like many QNAPs) or a mini-module like the DS1522+.

What specifications do you think the new NAS would have. Please comment.


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