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WD Sentinel FAQ

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions on Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 NAS storage. Most of the users ask us these questions, so we compiled a list of all the common questions you ma

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions on Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 NAS storage. Most of the users ask us these questions, so we compiled a list of all the common questions you may have before buying your WD Sentinel.

How do I connect a Client machine to Sentinel DX4000 ?
WD Sentinel DX4000 runs on Windows Server 2008 R2 and gives you 25 client licenses for complete disaster recovery. You  connect each client machine by installing connector software on it. After installing connector you get options to configure backup including full backup for disaster recovery. You can also take backups centrally once the machine has been connected.

What if I want to backup more than 25 clients ?
You can backup any number of machines. The 25 clients licenses give you full disaster recovery support on 25 machines, but you are free to backup any number of machines using Network share or FTP.

How do I do a bare metal restore of a pc that was earlier backed up  ?
You create a bootable USB flash using WD Sentinel DX4000. Using the Boot flash, you boot your PC. Once the PC boots up, a wizard takes over and takes you step by step for restore.

With bare metal restore, Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 will restore your PC exactly the way it was,  including operating system, program files, settings and all the Data. Mac is restored using time machine.

Does Sentinel DX4000 have Deduplication ?
Yes, WD Sentinel DX4000 server backup is based upon block level de-duplication, a process that backs up data without unnecessarily backing up the same data more than once. This powerful process uses less network traffic for execution, provides a full back-up at each backup time (although it behaves as if it is incremental), and by executing de-duplication across all client computers, the storage capacity requirements are significantly reduced. Backup becomes an automatic process  for a computer once you install Connector software on it. With Connector software installed, all volumes and all NTFS data on  that computer are backed up

Can I access my Sentinel DX4000 Remotely ?
Yes, you can access your DX4000 remotely. The Remote access is configured using the launchpad once .

Can I access my Windows Server 2008 R2 through terminal services client ?
Yes, accessing your server through Terminal services client is the most powerful way of configuring , monitoring and  maintaining your sentinel dx4000 server. WD sentinel DX4000 also gives you easier access to all the functions through launchpad.

Which Raid levels does Sentinel DX4000 Support ?
Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 supports RAID 1 or RAID 5 and chooses the raid level automatically based on the number of hard drives.  Sentinel DX4000 models with 2 hard drives( 4 TB, 6TB) run on RAID 1 and those with 4 hard drives ( 8TB, 12TB, 16TB) run on RAID 5.

Does it have a redundant power supply ?
Redundant power supply option is built in WD DX4000, but you need to buy one extra power adapter to make full use of dual supply.

What are the USB ports on DX4000 for ?
Think of Western Digital NAS as a computer running windows. USB Ports are there to help you connect external storage to it.  You can connect a flash drive, external hard drive or any other usb device to it.  We know people how connected unused webcams to Sentinel to make it a cost effective survelliance system.

Can I connect WD NAS to a pc directly as a big hard drive ?
No, WD Sentinel is a NAS server, which means it connects to a Network.

There are 2 network ports do I get double the transfer speed ?
2 Network ports are there for failover support. Link aggregation is an advanced method which may get you better transfer  speed in some cases.

Which hard drives does western Digital DX4000 use
WD DX4000 uses Western Digital RE Enterprise grade hard drives, delivering solid performance and offering maximum reliability.

How Many Bays does Western Digital Sentinel have ?

All the models of Western Digital Sentinel have 4 bays and similar hardware specifications. The models only differ in the number of hard drives and capacity.

What are the Net Effective capacities on Western Digital Sentinle DX4000 after RAID ?

WD Sentinal chooses the RAID level automatically between RAID 1 and RAID 5, depending on the number of hard drives. The chart below shows Net capacities

WDBLGT0040KBK - 4TB  ( 2 x 2 TB ) : RAID 1 , Net Capacity 2TB , 1 Drive Failure support
WDBLGT0060KBK - 6TB ( 2 x 3 TB ) : RAID 1 , Net Capacity 3TB , 1 Drive Failure support
WDBLGT0080KBK - 8TB ( 4 x 2 TB ) : RAID 5 , Net Capacity  6TB , 1 Drive Failure support
WDBLGT0120KBK - 12TB ( 4 x 3 TB ) : RAID 5 , Net Capacity 9TB , 1 Drive Failure support
WDBLGT0160KBK - 16TB ( 4 x 4 TB ) : RAID 5 , Net Capacity 12 TB , 1 Drive Failure support


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