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3 Years of Rescue Recovery with Ironwolf and Skyhawk

All the Ironwolf, Ironwolf Pro, Skyhawk and Skyhawk AI drives Shipped after Jan 2020  are now covered with 3 years of Seagate Rescue Data Recovery

Seagate Rescue Data Recovery service which used to be included with Ironwolf Pro and Skyhawk AI, is being extended to Ironwolf and Skyhawk now. That's 3 years of Free Rescue Service on all the Ironwolf and Skyhawk drives.

Description of Change

  • IronWolf and Skyhawk HDD will change from 0 years to 3 years plan
  • IronWolf Pro and Skyhawk AI HDD will change from 2 years to 3 years plan

Packing Change

Seagate will be adding the Rescue (+R) mark on IronWolf and Skyhawk HDDs but the transition may take some time. If you have an Ironwolf or Skyhawk drive shipped after Jan 2020, it will be covered by Rescue weather the Rescue Mark is there on the packing or not. Check the date of production on your hard drive, if the date of production is Anytime in 2020 , you are covered !

What is Rescue Anyway

Rescue Service gives you access to Seagate Data Recovery lab and an attempt at data recovery in case your drive fails. Some of the advantage of this rescue service are

  • Secure, Controlled Recovery EnvironmentIn Seagate's secure lab in Amasterdam tries to rescue your Data.
  • Safe in Transit Rescued Data is encrypted and Returned on a New HDD
  • No Shipping cost to you : Shipping Costs are Borne by Seagate
  • Unique Service - Seagate is the only Vendor who provide this service.


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