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Best NAS to own in 2020 ( Summer)

Its August - 8 months have passed since we published our recommendation of Top NAS devices for 2020. A lot of models have changed and new one introduced, here is our recommendations for Summer 2020.

We published the list of best NAS for 2020 in January 2020. And then the third quarter Starting July changed everything. Its been a busy busy quarter for the Titans of NAS devices - QNAP , Synology and ASUSTOR. Synology Launched its own branded SSDs ; offerign a great performance in Synology NAS thanks to deep integration and launched Synology 2020 models. QNAP launched their new models also sending the previous best selling models to grave, and ASUSTOR launched the AS71/66 Series.

So , here we are with our recommendation of Best NAS devices to buy in Second Half of 2020, our recommendations are based on customer reviews, popularity , features and our own experience of the devices . We have only listed the NAS devices from the brands that we sell.

Synology DS920+ ( Synology 2020 Model)

Synology DS920+ is the successor of the most loved DS-918+ , and has continued the legacy. Start as a 4 Bay device, and then expanded upto 9 bays with Expansion units. This 2020 Synology Model is getting as much love as 918+ by power users, small businesses and reviewers.
AED 2,520 (Inc.VAT)

QNAP TS453D ( QNAP 2020 Model)

QNAP TS-453D Replaced the popular TS-453B model. The 453d is equally capable 4 bay machine with Excellent hardware and nothing beats it on the hardware front. Dual HDMI, Virtual Machine Center and PCIe slots for future expandability are all very much loved features of this device.

AED 2,705 Including VAT ( Special promo price of AED 1995 in August)

Synology DS720+ ( Synology 2020 Model)

For a 2 Bay unit for power users, 720+ is a no match. Replacing 718+ model in 2020, this is a 2 bay NAS that can be expanded to 7 Bays. If you want a 2 bay unit and have the budget, go with DS-720+.

AED 1,970 (Inc.VAT)


Its not difficult to see why ASUSTOR 5304T ( Nimbustor 4) has been getting so many reviewers awards - top Notch hardware including dual 2.5G lans, 4K video decoding, and an app store filled with apps. Its a small powerhouse that will be loved by prosumers.

AED 2,455 (Inc.VAT)


QNAP TS-431K shines as a budget friendly 4 Bay NAS. The main selling point of this machine is the price. If you want the basic backup, you can't go wrong with TS-431K.

AED 1,340.00 (Inc.VAT) - Promo AED 1075 in August

Synology DS-220j

Synolody DS-220j replaces the DS-218j in 2002 and ends up on our list of recommendation just like the predecessor. it'ss an affordably priced, two-bay NAS device designed for use as a personal cloud solution. It's easy to install, offers a wealth of apps, and delivered speedy performance in testing.

AED 705 (Inc.VAT)


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