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Synology Warranty Extensions in Middle East

Synology Warranty Extension of 2 years can be had for selected devices within 30 days of purchase of middle east channel  products.

In May 2020 Synology Announced that the Extended Warranties can be bought for Middle East region too including UAE. Prices are releaed and they are available for purhcase now in Middel East. Here is all you need to know about the Synology Extended Warranty

Available for selected models

Synology Extended warranties are available only for selected models- the models which have 3 years warranty. What it means is that the models with 3 years warranty can be extended to Maximum 5 years. You can't buy warranty extension for Models which have 2 years warranty ( like the value j series) or for those models which already have 5 years warranty ( like the enterprise series).

This makes perfect sense since the value series is targeted to home users who either don't need extended warranty or will find it too expensive. For the Enterprise models, there is already a 5 years warranty, after which the product would be EOL and mostly the enterprise customers will go for a tech refresh.

2 SKUs - for Mainstream and for High End. Flat pricing within the product category

Within the selected models for which you can buy warranty extension, Synology has divided the models into 2 categories - Mainsteam ( like 918+, 1019+, mostly desktops with 2 rackmounts) , and high End ( like 2418+ 820+ , All rackmounts except DS2419+ )

This makes the pricing flat within the category and will appear to be a higher percentage of the unit value for smaller units. For example it would appear to be twice expensive for small units compared to large units

Device Device Price Warranty Extension price WEP as percentage of Device Price
DS-718+ AED 1675 AED 600 36%
DS-1819+ AED 3860 AED 600 16%

Only for New , Authorized purchases

The warrnaty has to be bought within 30 days of the initial purchase. Further the device has to be purchased from Authorized middle East channel, you can't buy an Extended warranty for a gray product imported from a region out of middle east for example.

Our thoughts - At AED 600, warranty extension for 2 years is a good value for the high end devices. Decide early in your purchsae if you want to buy it since you have 30 days from the purchase of hte device to buy the warranty extension.


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