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Synology DSM 7.0 and Rumored DS-920+

Synology DSM 7.0 has many great features like Rapid Raid Repair, AI based Drive health monitoring and the new Contacts App. Its also rumored that Plus series will be refrshed in 2020

Its no secret that Synology has been working on DSM 7.0, and has been inviting beta applications to try the new interface. The Exact date when DSM 7.0 will be rolled out is still a subject of speculation. Most of the guesses are not later than Q32020.

DSM 7.0 Most interesting New Features

There is a long list of improvements in DSM 7.0, but we have picked some of the most interesting features

  • AI based Drive Health Monitoring. This is utilized by Active insight to Notify the users of potential problems and performance bottlenecks. This can be thought of similar to Seagates IHM ( Ironwolf health Management) and WDCs WDDA. Since your Data resides on the hard drive, a monitoring service and notifications are always a good thing.
  • Fast RAID Repair which will minimize the raid rebuild time. Generally the full re silvering takes a long time and there are ways to minimize it. You may either rebuild only the missing data, or rebuild only the part which has Data. Since you are vulnerable to data loss ( if another hard drive fails) while rebuild, a reduced rebuild time is a big leap in Data protection.
  • Fiber Channel protocol support via an FC adapter in certain models so you can build FC SAN.
  • Samba upgraded to version 4.8.
  • Synology Contacts - A new application to manage your contacts
  • An Improved Synology Photo Application

Rumored New Models for 2020

Synology's best selling models like DS-718+, DS-218+ and DS-918+ are all over 2 years old and probably due for a product refresh. Synology doesn't do a product refresh every year and sometimes it may take even as long as 3 years ( like 415+ to 918+) before the refresh happens. However there is a strong feeling among the NAS enthusiasts that there will be new models like DS-720+, DS-220+ and DS-920+ this year. The value series - DSx20j has already been refreshed this year to DS220j and DS420j with a new CPU so there are reasons to believe that so will the + series be.

Also the guess is that these models will come out with the new DSM 7.0. We don't have an official confirmation from Synology yet on these new models though.

Our Guess on what could be in DS-X20+ Series

Our guess ( nothing confirmed officially from Synology) on what Synology DS920+ could have would be. You can see them as our wishlist also

  • New DSM 7.0 by Default ?
  • A better CPU ?
  • DDR-4 RAM instead of DDR 3 ?
  • Probably a 10GbE port ?
  • PCIe Expansion ?
  • Single Volume Size up from 108TB to 250TB ?



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