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ZFS Based QNAP QuTS Hero

QNAPs QuTS hero OS has many new features like Data Integrity checks/Repairs, RAID Z, Multi Level Cache , Indline Data Deduplication and many more.

QNAP demonstrated the QuTS Hero Operating system in an Even in UAE in January, and now its officially launched.

QuTS Hero is an operating system/Firmware just like QTS but has the following extra features

  • It uses ZFS file system. RAID Z and data integrity is inherited from ZFS.
  • Inline Deduplication and Inline compression - again these may be inherited from ZFS. Since these are memory intesive tasks, QNAP has recommended minimum memore requirement for each.
  • Multi-level cache technology with both read and write boosts performance
  • Enhanced Multi user access

Data Integrity checks are built into ZFS. It can protect the data against Silent data corruptions by using a checksum or hash for each data block. If a blocks checksum value doesn't calculate to what it should be, it can heal the data, provided with enough redundancy.

RAID Z also are natively supported in QuTS Hero which are RAID levels in ZFS. You can have a triple parity for example with RAID Z3.

ZFS can do rebuild a RAID much faster since it only rebuilds that missing data. This is a feature that we are sure QuTS hero will have, but not yet confirmed from QNAP.

To get QuTS hero, you can either buy a license , or get it with a model Model which has QuTS Hero preinstalled, they have an h to indicate hero - like TS-h1283XU-RP, TS-h1277XU-RP, TS-h977XU.



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