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NComputing Thin Clients : Why they make sense

NComputing is a known for it's hardware and software to create virtual desktops which enable multiple users to simultaneously share a single operating system instance. This article discusses various b
This article was written in 2013 and updated in 2021 to reflect current facts. Yes, thin computing hasn't changed much in principle. Protocols have evolved, Servers have moved to cloud (especially with WVD) and you have better bandwidth, but the principle of server/client has remained the same.

NComputing is a known name for its hardware and software to create virtual desktops, which enable multiple users to simultaneously share a single operating system instance. This article discusses various benefits of thin clients in General and the product line of NComputing thin clients.


Why Thin Computing

Desktop PCs are the workhorses of any office environment and represent the highest part of your total IT budget - Both in initial acquisition cost and ongoing support, management & cost. Thin computing Aims to cut costs in Desktop Pcs, while still offering a rich user experience to the desktop PC users.

Desktop Virtualization/Thin Computing works by moving much of the storage and program execution to a server, making use of the underutilized server resources. Each Desktop computer is replaced by a thin client, running an individual session on the server. Each thin client derives most of the computing power from the server.

Major Benefits of Embracing thin computing are

Cost Reduction
Both The initial cost of hardware purchase and management cost is reduced drastically. There is cost saving on power consumed ( and subsequent cooling), reduced support and maintenance cost, and reduced upgrade costs ( you only upgrade your Server). Cost benefits are many

Centralized Management
Since the OS and the Apps, reside on the server, the system admins only have to manage the server. Application updates, OS patches, Antivirus definitions, etc have to be only installed on the Server. Any new application that needs to be installed, doesn't have to be copied to hundreds of workstations, instead, the admin can install it on the server and authorize access to clients.

Backup, power management, and Data Security
Since all the data resides on the server, the admins have a single location to backup and need a single UPS protection. Further, they can Physically isolate servers, increasing overall data security. USB ports on the thin clients can be disabled -so the users can't bring or carry with them unauthorized data.

Support and Maintenance
Since a single server is to be maintained, the support cost, downtime, and maintenance issues are all reduced.

Rapid Deployment
Thin Clients offer you follow me anywhere Desktops that can be rapidly deployed - adding a new user is as easy as creating a login.

There are great benefits to thin computing but the Cost savings and Ease of management alone are reason enough for many organizations to switch to a virtualized environment.

Typical Users and Application

Traditionally Thin Computing solutions work very well for organizations where a large number of users are involved in light to medium computing (Internet browsing, content creation, Microsoft office users, etc).

  • Small Businesses
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Libraries
  • Internet Cafes
  • HealthCare
  • Training Institutes
  • Travel Agencies

Thin Clients for every protocol

Ncomputing has thin clints for RDP, WVD, Citrix HDX, and their own proprietary vSpace server. Hardware-wise the models are refreshed every year ( apart from some legacies like L300 that keep going), and most of the new models seem to be based on Raspberry PI- Which means Ncomputing now can focus more on the software designed for PI.

Desktop Virtualization is a great way to cut costs and centralize computing resources without compromising performance or productivity. While Implementing Desktop Virtualization It's important to choose the right Hardware partner that has a wide range of products, Expertise, and support structure. Ncomputing has a wide offering of Hardware, a free Virtualization server that's optimized for performance, and various extended support options that makes them a great partner for your VDI.



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