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Seagate ST20000NM002D vs ST20000NM003D

The Seagate X20 platform is a 5-disc drive with 2 capacities - 18TB and 20TB. The number of SKUs is significantly lower on this platform thanks to Seagate FastFormat, which lets you quickly format a drive to 512e or 4Kn. They ship in 512e format (which is the most popular format today), but can also be formatted to 4Kn. S

Seagate ST20000NM002D vs. ST20000NM003D vs. ST20000NM005D

All three are dual port X20 20TB SAS drives with Fast Format. The default sector size on all 3 is 512e and can be formatted to 4Kn. The difference between the 3 is the encryption ST20000NM002D is the standard model - this is the most popular model that you will find in most cases in stores. ST20000NM003D is SED (Self Encrypting Drive) and ST20000NM005D is SED with FIPS Algo. These 2 are often out of stock and must be ordered in multiples of 20 according to Seagate's MOQ

ST20000NM007D vs ST20000NM000D

Both are SATA X20 20TB fast format hard drives. ST20000NM007D is the standard model - this is what you will find in the channel. ST20000NM000D is the SED ( self encyrpting drive) and MOQ applies to this model

ST180000NM003D vs ST180000NM004D vs ST180000NM000J vs ST180000NM001J

Exos 18TB SATA now has 4 models- 2 on X18 platform and 2 of X20 platform. ST180000NM000J and ST18000NM001J belong to the X18 platform, while ST180000NM003D and ST18000NM004D belong to the X20 platform. This is always the case when the medium capacity is available on 2 platforms, e.g. 16TB is available on the X16 and X18 platform, 18TB is available on the X18 and X20 platform

Here is a table that shows how the individual part numbers differ from each other

Part Number Capacity Platform Interface Encryption Format
ST20000NM007D 20 TB X20 SATA None FastFormat
ST20000NM000D 20 TB X20 SATA SED FastFormat
ST20000NM002D 20 TB X20 SAS None FastFormat
ST20000NM003D 20 TB X20 SAS SED FastFormat
ST20000NM005D 20 TB X20 SAS SED-FIPS FastFormat
ST18000NM003D 18 TB X20 SATA None FastFormat
ST18000NM004D 18 TB X20 SATA SED FastFormat
ST18000NM000D 18 TB X20 SAS None FastFormat
ST18000NM001D 18 TB X20 SAS SED FastFormat
ST18000NM002D 18 TB X20 SAS SED-FIPS FastFormat
ST18000NM000J 18 TB X18 SATA None FastFormat
ST18000NM001D 18 TB X18 SATA SED FastFormat
ST18000NM004J 18 TB X18 SAS NONE FastFormat
ST18000NM005J 18 TB X18 SAS SED FastFormat
ST18000NM007J 18 TB X18 SAS SED-FIPS FastFormat


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