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Seagate ST4000VN006 vs ST4000VN008

Updated 2023 : Now the ST4000VN008 has completely been phased out and is not available in channel in UAE

TL; DR: ST4000VN006 is the newer model with higher cache, higher transfer rate and lower RPM. Both the drives are CMR.

What has changed under the hood of ST4000VN006

For one, the number of platters. The new drive (ST4000VN006)  is lighter and thinner, which means it has a smaller number of platters.

What has changed in the specifications

  • With a maximum transfer rate of 202 MB/s, the ST4000VN006 is faster than the 180 MB/s of the ST4000VN008.
  • A larger cache of 256MB in the ST4000VN006 , compared to 64MB of the ST4000VN008
  • A lower spindle speed of 5400RPM in the ST4000VN006 , compared to 5900 RPM of the ST4000VN008
Despite the lower spindle speed, the power consumption has not changed and the transfer rate has gone up, probably due to a higher cache and data density.

What has remained the same

Everything else has remained the same. These are the same air-filled CMR drives with a 3-year limited warranty and 3-year Data Rescue.

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Akash Jain @ Tue, Nov 29, 22

in reply to craig – they should work together. Both are CMR drives, you benefit from the transfer rates of the new drive but they should work. Just ensure that the new part number is showing as compatible with your NAS model though first.

craig @ Sat, Nov 26, 22

Will mixing these 2 different 4TB drives in a RAID5 volume cause any issues?

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