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WD Red plus New part number available now (WD60EFPX vs WD60EFZX)

WD Red plus New part number available now  (WD60EFPX vs WD60EFZX)

The WD Red Plus 6TB CMR with 256MB is available now under the part number WD60EFPX. The part number so far available to channel was WD60EFZX.

WD60EFPX vs WD60EFZX  : Higher Cache, Lower RPM, almost similar xfr rates

The biggest difference is the cache. WD60EFPX has Double the cache (256MB) compared to 128MB of WD60EFZX.  However the WD60EFPX is 5400RPM compared to 5640RPM of WD60EFZX.

This lower RPM on WD60EFPX means a lower transfer rate, though marginally. WD60EFPX is a little slower at 180MB/s , when compared with WD60EFZX at 185MB/s.  The number of platters in both the drives seems to be same since there is no difference in weight.

Mixing the drives shouldn't be a problem since both of them are CMR and would have similar firmware.

RPM 5400 5640
Cache 256 MB 128MB
Internal Transfer Rates 180MB/s 185 MB/s


George @ Tue, Mar 12, 24

In your review you state the WD60EFPX and WD60EFZX weigh the same. They do not. I just received a WD60EFPX from Western Digital as the WD60EFZX has been out-of-stock. The WD60EFPX weighs 565 gm and the WD60EFZX weighs 695 gm. Not even close. The WD60EFPX was made in Thailand, 03 July 2023.

R Greco @ Sun, Oct 15, 23

Thank you for this information. Synology has moved on from older units like the DS412+ I have, and hasn’t updated the compatibility list such the system likes it because it spits out a warning. It does seem to work fine however, it’s a few days running now, did a scrub and all is confirmed well.

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