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Seagate Rescue Data Recovery

Seagate Rescue Data Recovery plans makes you eligible for Segates in-lab data recovery if your drive fails.  A Low cost, easy claim and 95% recovery claims - all make this product a must buy for your hard drives.

Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Services are data recovery plans that you can buy for your devices. These plans give you access to data recovery experts for in-lab data recovery of your failed devices at no additional cost . We take a look at how to purchase, register and claim the plan.

Obtaining Rescue Plan

If you have Ironwolf Pro or Barracuda Pro, then you already have the Seagate Rescue Plan for 2 years. Pro versions of both Ironwolf and Barracuda are sold with Rescue. For any other drive, Rescue is an additional optional purchase. Since Lacie external Thunderbolt drives also use Ironwolf pro, they are covered with Seagate Rescue Plan too.

Additional Plans for devices not covered ( like ironwolf, Exos or Skyhawk), plans can be purchased for 2 or 3 Years. They are provided in the form of hang-tags - Physical cards with serial numbers.

Your Rescue plan has to be registered on Registering the plan ties your device serial number with the plan number. Upon registering you get a confirmation email which also has instructions on how to claim in case of drive failure.

You are Really Really Covered

Since Seagate Rescue is a data rescue service, they are really not concerned what you did to your drive. They only want to get your drive, open it up and recover all the data they can. As such, every kind of failure is covered . This is reflected on Seagate website which says "Your data is always protected, whether you drop it, dunk it or accidentally delete it".

Hard drive failure, viruses, software issues, and other problems that can cause data loss are covered. Think of any kind of failure and you are covered for the period which you bought your plan for. Undestandably the plan can only be bought for a new device. You can't buy the plan for a failing or failed device. Buy the plan at the time of purchase of a new device ( or within 30 days of purchase) , tag the serial number of the device with the plan and you are covered.

If you bought 5 Rescue plans for 5 drives and they are under a RAID, you can send all 5 drives to seagate and they will retreive your RAID data.

In-Lab Data Recovery with 95% Success rate

Rescue plan gives you access to in-lab data recovery. Seagate storage Experts will attempt to retreive all the lost data in a secure lab. Seagate claims that they have a success rate of 95% with data retreival, which is very high.

Now, with a hardware failure, there will be some data lost beyond retreival. What anybody can guarantee is that they will use the industry's best means to retreive your data , and that's exactly what Seagate promises with their in Lab data recovery.

An Easy Trackable Workflow

Seagate has made sure that the whole process of data recovery is easy to follow.

  1. Buy your Hang-Tag and register your device online
  2. If you lose your data, contact Seagate Resuce online
  3. You receive shipping labels so you can ship the drive for free back to their recovery lab
  4. Track the progress online .
  5. Recovered data is sent to you on a storage device, or you can also download it from a cloud-based account within 60 days.

Seagate rescue is an excellent additional protection plan. Typical Data Recovery options run in a few thoudand dirhams easily, whereas a 3 years rescue plan retails for AED 69. This is a great value and is recommended for your drives if they host valuable data.


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