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3M Comply (Filp and Magnetic) on Privacy screens make it easy to switch

Applying privacy filters to your screen is quick and easy, but if you want to share your screen with others, a little work is required. There have been several solutions, such as magnetic filters that only work on ferrite frames, or hanging filters that leave a gap between the screen and the filter. Now 3M has developed a folding system that seems to be the easiest solution to quickly and temporarily remove your privacy screen.


What is 3M Comply Flip.

Comply Flip is a hinge system that allows you to flip your privacy filter. You can simply flip the filter to the back of the screen when you want to temoprairly remove the privacy screen. Getting back to privacy mode is a matter of flipping it back to the screen again. Comply Flip works for Laptops.

What is 3M Comply Magnetic

Comply Magnetic is a Magnetic system that allows you to quickly attach and remove your privacy filter.  There are ferrite strips that you attach your monitor and magnetic clips that you attach to your privacy screen.  You can quickly and effortlessly remove your privacy filter and put it back on with this magnetic solution. 


What is the advantage of Comply Flip.

With Comply Flip, you can quickly switch from privacy mode to public mode. Previous filters had to be removed/stored and would accumulate fingerprints when removed. With Comply Flip, there are tabs on the side that you can use to hold and flip without touching the visible part of the filter.  So there are no fingerprints on filters, no storage required, and no double sided tapes to be removed.

What is the advantage of Comply Flip.

With Comply magnetic, you can quickly remove your privacy filter and put it back on. You would still need to store /keep the filter somewhere unlike flip where the filter remains attached to the screen though.

Which filters come with Comply Flip and comply Magnetic

Looks like All new laptop models come with Comply Flip and monitor filters will come with comply magnetic. However, distribution channels will have some inventory of models without comply. It is likely that all models will be equipped with Comply  by the end of the year if 3M decides to start shipping all the privacies with Comply.

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