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Finding the right size of privacy filter

Your screen size is indicated by a single diagonal size without indicating the aspect ratio. This makes choosing the appropriate sized filter for your screen a bit more work than just specifying the diagonal size

Finding the correct model number for a privacy screen that fits your monitor can be surprisingly challenging. Whats the challenge you might ask - you have a 23" monitor so a 23" privacy should fit , right ?

But the problem is that 23" is the Diagonal size of your screen, and you can have several different height and width all ending up as 23" Diagonal.

Each month, we encounter several instances where customers are about to select a 24" privacy filter for their monitor, which is technically 23.8" diagonally but marketed as 24". The confusion stems from displays being marketed solely with a single diagonal size measure, lacking reference to the actual height and width dimensions.

Screen measures are given Diagonally and are often rounded off making it difficult to find a privacy filter

When you say you have a 24" monitor - it means that your screen measures 24" diagonally. While Its easier for the screen manufacturers to sell the devices with a single size measure like 24" instead of selling it as 12" x 21" screen - there is no way to infer the height and width of your screen with diagonal measure alone. Depending on the heigh/width ratio ( called aspect ratio), it can be anything from 11 inches heigh to 17" heigh as you can see from the table below. They are all 24" Diagonal but shaped differently.

Obviously if you bought a 24" Privacy Filter in 16:10 aspect ratio, it won't fit on your

Height Inches Width Inches Diagonal Inches Image
17" 17" 24.0" Diagonal
11.7" 20.8" 24.0" Diagonal
12.7" 20.30" 24.0" Diagonal

Even if you know that your 24" screen is 16:10 , it may not be a 24" - it might actually be a 23.8", but rounded off to and sold as 24" instead.

Either Measure your screen, or use the lookup tool to find a compatible Privacy Screen

Vendors like 3M and Kapsolo have a lookup tool on their website. Just enter your device model number and they will show you a compatible filter in their brand.

If you can't find your device with the lookup too, either your device has an unusual size , or the database of filters is not updated. In that case, you have to measure your device screen and see if a privacy screen of that size exists. If not, we can do a custom size for you.



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